Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let's try this one on for siize!

I have some ideas for what this might you?


  1. [noun DUB-yuh-FEER-uh]

    The irrational fear that the supposedly-outgoing president will discover (or create) a constitutional loophole and manage to make himself dictator-for-life.

    Doctor Shreink, I just can't help this wfiera. It keeps me up at night!

  2. It's not a word, but a contracted sentence. In full form it translates, "What would fiera do?"

    Fiera. Wasn't she the funny looking girl that married Shrek? Oh, no! That was Fiona, right?

    I remember! Fiera was a very cute-looking sports car that Pontiac came out with a few years back. Great lines and colors, but horrendous mechanics!

    V W is "clarmial," which I think is something you take for upset stomach!

  3. wfiera [FEER-uh] Slang
    Slang for "Wi-Fi Era;" only used by those "in the know."

    Oh, dear, I'll have to plug my computer into the phone at this hotel? What, did we get transported to pre-wfiera times without my knowledge?

    Note: Those who use this word especially enjoy the silent "w," as they know that few people know the meaning of the word, and even fewer can spell it.

  4. wfiera [y-REA]noun (silent f)
    diarrhea caused by over-consumption of Wheaties

    "Mikey if you don't stop eating so much cereal, you're going to be sent home from school with wfiera again!"

    VW = urefoo [UR-foo]possessive noun
    specifies specific pacifier

    "Is that urefoo or little Tommy's foo, honey?"

  5. Sandra, I love the Wheaties one.

  6. Beth, Love the concept of a silent W.

  7. Sandra, my question is, what is Mikey doing eating Wheaties instead of Life?!?!

  8. wfiera - (vif-YER-a) - German in origin. To check again with the host of a gathering what time the event is going to start, especially for sporting events.

    "Honey, who was that on the phone?" "It was Tom. He wanted to wfiera for the 6th time."

    VW: Cemons. (sae-MOANs) A cross-pollinated tree that produces cantaloupe-lemons.

  9. Wfiera [VER-ah] Trademark noun
    a pill manufactured by an Ursoo company curing coledroms

    After getting a coldrom from my trip to Urgali, I took Wfiera.