Saturday, November 29, 2008

You'll never Gess What this Means?

Just a little something to help you through the weekend!

Wurds of the Weakend..sofahr!

I've been a little slack on the words of the day so here are the winners from the last cuppel!

bisceree (noun) The crumbs from a biscuit. Usually used to describe the debris of an attempt to eat a very crumbly biscuit while balancing a cup of tea on your knee in posh company.

He smiled self-consciously as he tried to hide the biscaree spilling from his lap onto the Persian rug.

Well done Scriptor Senex!


putiones [pl. noun POO-shon-es]

A small chocolate cookie sprinkled with flakes of sweetened shredded coconut. Usually served at baby showers and wakes.

Mmmmm, these putiones are delicious, sorry about your loss.
Mmmmm, these putiones are wonderful, when is your due date?

I really liked this one Marin!