Saturday, November 29, 2008

You'll never Gess What this Means?

Just a little something to help you through the weekend!


  1. Terborm (n) - Skilled manoeuvre undertaken by a German racing driver.
    Wow! Did you see his terborms round the Nurburgring?

  2. terborm (verb) - Stylistic bodyslam used during Christmas sale events to deflect a rival from a mutually targeted item.

    "I almost got the last widecreen TV being offered at 60% off, but this blond terbormed me righting to the DVD rack!"

  3. Terborm (verb): Stomping motion(s) of toddler in order to emphasize the importance of his message.

    "Sammy terborned across the kitchen as he screamed. "ME NO LIKE PEAS!"

  4. no idea :) microsoft word doesn't know it... hihi.. oops, my word verification is ferramu - another problem! :o) hihihi

    anyway, saw you in Jenners blogs. hope you can come by and share your thoughts and experiences on my blog.


  5. Terborm (verb): To deliberately avoid eye contact with a middle aged woman, commonly initiated by middle aged men, with the sole intent of suggesting the subject of avoidence is 20 years too old.

    Listen up old man, stop turborming me.