Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome to my bolg!

Welcome, Becki, Beth, Sam, Heather, Sandra to my Blog. I'm getting some good laughs from your definitions and usages. I look forward to many more...keep 'em comning! Tell your friends.

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Moving Frowrd!

One more so we all can get used to the idea of the game...

Let's try this one on for siize!

I have some ideas for what this might you?

Let's Get the Ball Rollink

Just to get the ball rolling I'll throw in the odd 'VW' (Verification Word) now and again.

Waht cud itt meen?

This is an idea for a fun blog I got from my sister-in-law (Check out her cool 'One Minute Writer' blog) Is anyone tired of those word verifications required for posting comments? Why not play a fun game where we you get to define the possible meaning of those word and use them in a sentence of your own creation? Start with the word you used to post a coment on this blog. Each day our panel of judges (me) will decide on the best new word, definition, and usage and announce the winner to all!