Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let's Get the Ball Rollink

Just to get the ball rolling I'll throw in the odd 'VW' (Verification Word) now and again.


  1. inotc [noun EE-noets] - Borrowed from the Czech.
    a. A political prisoner.
    b. A prisoner-of-war.

  2. Forgot the sentence again.

    Vaclav Havel's new play, Inotc, describes the life of an American put into a Czechoslovakian prison camp in 1958 after being caught with books extolling democracy.

  3. inotc--pronunciation "IN-ahtch"
    A very small amount

    "Come on, sweetie," the mother said to her toddler, "just eat an inotc of broccoli."

    And my VW below is buboli, which, as we all know, is a dollar-store ripoff of a popular premade pizza crust.

  4. I love Buboli - should be a real word!

  5. inotc--pronunciation i-NOT-ick

    What my best friend's three year old gleefully shouts out at the beginning of every tag game.

  6. I'm certain that this is an official US State Department abbreviation for "In other countries..."

    "INOTC we have to be nice to the people."

  7. inotc [i-not-SEE)German colloquialism for "I didn't see what I just saw."

    "When kind-hearted Sgt. Schultz went into the gulag and the prisoners were breaking the rules, making alcohol by staining fermented rotten bananas through their sweat socks, he said,
    "Inotc!" as he left.

  8. inoct [i-NAWKT] colloquial / slang - verb

    common slang for "inoculate"

    Yo hommy, I got inoct for that sick virus fo' shuh!