Saturday, November 15, 2008

Moving Frowrd!

One more so we all can get used to the idea of the game...


  1. ursoo [urs-OO] noun
    A terrible athlete

    The overzealous sportscaster exclaimed, "My dog could have caught that ball! What an ursoo!"

  2. I really like yours, Beth!

    ur-soo [ur-SOO]slang
    exclamation of disgust

    Ursoo . . .!!

  3. ursoo [noun ER-soo] Biology.
    Bearlike, but not an actual bear. Not quite ursine.

    The koala is often called "koala bear," but being a marsupial, it is merely ursoo.

  4. ursoo [noun/adverb yur/so]
    Ursoo lucky to be using a Mac and not Vista!

  5. ursoo - (adj) (ER-sue) To have an urchin-like quality or feel.

    Ted, get out of that ursoo jumpsuit -- that is so last year!

  6. Ursoo [ER-soo] proper noun
    1. The inhabitants of the island Ursgali, off the coast of India.
    2. The language spoken by these people. It does not contain the letters k, x, or z.
    3. A speaker of the language Ursoo.

    On my trip to Usgali, I learnt from my Ursoo tour guide that women are extinct on the island.