Saturday, November 15, 2008

Waht cud itt meen?

This is an idea for a fun blog I got from my sister-in-law (Check out her cool 'One Minute Writer' blog) Is anyone tired of those word verifications required for posting comments? Why not play a fun game where we you get to define the possible meaning of those word and use them in a sentence of your own creation? Start with the word you used to post a coment on this blog. Each day our panel of judges (me) will decide on the best new word, definition, and usage and announce the winner to all!


  1. Oh, D, GREAT idea!

    "flukspr": Erratic movement.

    After mistaking the champagne punch for large water bowl, the chihuahua fluksprred through the legs of the party guests.

  2. dingersh [adj.] - Slang.
    a. slightly off-balance.
    b. feeble-minded.
    c. inebriated.

  3. Oops, like a true teacher I did not read the instructions. Here is a sentence:

    "Sod off, you bloody dingersh, or I'll call the Bobbies!" yelled the bartender.

  4. calchra [noun KAL-kruh] Anatomical.
    A long, wiry hair that grows out of an almost-invisible mole, often in a strange spot on the body.

    I have this calchra on my neck that shows up from time to time, usually when it has gotten embarrassingly long.

  5. gratenit [noun]
    A louse egg which has not yet met the killing power of RID.

    "I'm such a gratenit," said the little white spot on the 8-year-old's head.

  6. beganul[adj. BEG-ah-null} Slang

    When you are dressed so poorly you look like you need some financial/food help.

    The beganul old man at the bus-stop was embarrassed when the young lady offered him their last piece of sandwich and a dollar to get some coffee.

  7. noutyc [verb NOW-tiss]
    Alternate spelling for "notice," as enunciated by a Cockney.

    Oi noutyced me trouble and strife at de pub wif me best mate.

    (D, I know you get the "trouble and strife" part ... others may want to google "Cockney rhyming slang"...)

  8. calymed [noun]
    Over (or under) the counter medication available only in Baja Calyfornia.

    "Honey, did you pick up my calymed today when you were south of the border?

  9. desses [DESS-iz] plural noun
    More than one toddler bowel movement.

    "My little Chickie doesn't seem to want to do her desses in the potty."

  10. deded [DEDD-ed] past-tense verb
    Having killed someone or something

    "Dude, it was so totally coold on Heroes when Syler deded all those people!"

  11. dintered or dinterred [d-in-TERRED] past-tense verb
    removal from grave after being interred

    It was no surprise to anyone when frugal Ethel had Edgar dinterred so that she could turn in the coffin for the deposit.

  12. Sandra, I love your sense of humor!

    gruckho [noun GRUK-hoe] Slang.
    An offensive term used to describe an incredibly unattractive prostitute.

    I can't believe anyone would actually PAY to spend time with that gruckho. Her Johns must be blind.

  13. Sam, I love Calymed. Up here in New England we use Canamed!

  14. Beth, deded makes so much sense.

  15. Sandra & Becki--two good ones!!

    tammus [TAMM-us] noun
    An incredibly large derriere

    Well, the fall out of her second-story window should have hurt her, but thankfully she fell right on her tammus and got right back up (with two very large bruises.)

  16. dibilyc (duh-BIL-ic) - habit forming, addictive.
    "This VW game, though fun, is very dibilyc - I can't get anything else done!"

    BTY - if you drag the VW into this comment box, this is what you get:

    then, if you look up the website, your VW word comes up. Try it! Kinda neat! -Cathy

  17. Mom--yours came up 404 Not Found. Maybe it's only for your personal word? Let's see.

    Yep, worked with my word!

    Which is...

    priast [PREE-ahst] noun, slang
    Hip-hop slang for a priest

    Let's go to the St. Paul's Catholic Chizzle to talk to the priast.

  18. mogedrat (n) mo-gA-rat (silent d) --the dreaded canal rodent who considers human digits a delicacy.

    "Junior, if you don't finish your dinner, I'll throw you into the canal and the mogedrats will feast on your toes!"

  19. D -- I think you've hit on something here. These are fun! Cathy is right -- I think they could easily become addictive.

    So glad Beth inspired you. I'll never look at a VW again, without trying to think of its definition.

    Oops. I have to do this one now.

    scode -- slang for cold

    "I'm not going to work today. I have a scode in the node."

    Addictive, I tell ya'! :)

  20. mulog [noun MOO-log]
    The feces of a constipated cow.

    I need to call in the vet to see Bessy. Instead of nice soft patties, I found a hard little mulog in her milking stall this morning.

  21. precurg [noun PRE-curg]
    A redneck with the ability to see the future.

    Well, what a hoot! There's gonna be a new character on Heroes! His name is Billy Bob Joe and he's a precurg. He paints the future on old toilets, cars, and washin' machines in his front yard.


  22. horyto [noun her-REE-toe]
    A burrito sold at Taco Bell: bean sprouts, chipotle tofu (artificially flavored), julienned cucumbers, hummus (thinned out with mayo), and brown rice wrapped in a spinach (artificially-flavored and -colored) tortilla.

    Ladies, does your stomach turn when your man orders the Taco Bell Big Bell box, with its 1,360 calories, 95% of recommended daily limit of saturated fat, and 155% of the recommended daily limit of sodium? Well, now there is something just for you -- take the nutritional high road with the horyto! You know it's healthy because it's green!

    P.S. That nutritional info is true -- I looked at the Taco Bell website. And I bet the horyto, if it made it to market, would have MSG, 50 grams of fat, and about 1,200 calories....

  23. Beth, I love precurg! (Or should I say, "Ah lurv me some precurg!"

    stonomon [noun STO-no-mahn] Jamaican Creole.
    A Rastafarian who smokes too much marijuana.

    If you want to learn how to write great Reggae, don't go to Jasper. He's become such a stonomon, he can barely form a sentence.

  24. herseign [adj., adv. her-SEN]
    Contraction of her sovereign, now used solely in sarcasm.

    Herseign majesty keeps demanding chocolate. Who in their right mind ever thought it was a good idea to introduce a 2-year-old to Halloween?