Sunday, November 16, 2008

Afternoon Delite!

Here's one to keep you interested.


  1. Coledrom [noun Cohl-drum]

    That feeling you get when driving through Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio and you haven’t seen anything but mines for miles and miles. Similar to the Corndrom experienced in parts of Kansas and Iowa, or Sandrom in Arizona and New Mexico.

    Driving through Scranton the Coledrom set in and I couldn’t shake it off until I got to New York and civilization.

  2. coledrom [CO-leh-drome noun]
    Literary term referring to phrases which use colors

    "Bobby, your poems would be better if they used fewer coledroms," Mrs. Smith said. "I'm not sure you should be feeling blue, seeking silver linings, and bemoaning your black heart, all in one stanza."

  3. Thanks to Beth by the way for showing me this fascinating blog!

    coledrom [COHL-i-drum] noun

    a painful ulcer found in the intestine

    I was talking to Susie the other day and found out that she now has a coledrom.

  4. coledrom [noun kəl-DRAHM] A rare cabbage variety with a single hump sticking out of it, noted for its ability to store fifteen times its weight in water.

    I had never heard of a coledrom, and got a bit of a shock when a gush of water soaked my shoes as I tried to prepare coleslaw.

    VW: plili [v.i. PLILL-ee] To play in a particularly silly manner.

    Any time I'm feeling down, I know watching a toddler plili about the room will make me feel better.

  5. Beth, I loved that sentence. Very creative definition and usage!

    Mike, welcome to the Blug. hope you enjoy it!

  6. coledrom, noun

    a colloquialism derived from two separate words -- cold room.

    "A ful awble. A'm gun to bud now in da sum coledrom where I prawbly gut dis dum cold n da furt place. Fur da lat tum, chipskate. Durn up da heat!"

  7. coldrom:(noun)A bedroom that is cold or cool, and is good for sleeping in Summer.

    After realising the night was going to be unbearably hot, Mike decided to sleep in his coldrom.

    paterop:(noun)New kind of rope used to fasten ponytails.

    Mum tied my hair using this new paterop she bought for me.

  8. Coledrom {noun Cohl-drum}
    A highly contagious viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory system that is traded back and forth between lovers for weeks on end.

    The doctor suggested we take a break from kissing until we got over our coledrom.