Sunday, November 16, 2008

One more before Nithe Nithes!

One more to ruminate on..see you tomorrow.


  1. fianych [noun fee-AHN-itch] Pejorative.
    A person who is half-Irish, half-Russian.

    I don't know what's worse -- Aidan Chernenkovich's Irish temper, or his bleak Russian outlook on life. Such a fianych!

  2. fianych [noun FAN-ik]
    A loud, obnoxious, annoying audience member at a sporting event or concert.

    The game would have been more fun if that crazy fianych right behind me hadn't been screaming the whole time--or at least if he'd been a less prolific saliva producer.

    egarri [ee-GAHR-ee plural noun]
    Members of the Pirate's Union

    Blackbeard would have died rich if the egarri on his crew hadn't first organized a strike, which ended only when the once-powerful pirate agreed to surrender most of his booty (including stock options) to them.

  3. fianych:(noun) A French fancy 40s dress.

    Carrie was wearing a dark blue velvet fianych.

    bellymp:(noun)A crocodile or alligator's belly.

    They found the adventurer's watch inside of the croc's bellymp.

  4. stritica [noun STRIT-ih-kuh] The imaginary ailment 7th graders believe they will contract if teachers are too strict.

    "Your FORCIN' it, Ms. Norris! I can already feel the stritica itching on my forearms!"

  5. I think it's appropriate that I made a spelling error when transcribing a 7th grader's speech ...

    Make that "YOU'RE forcin' it!"

  6. fianych [noun FEEN-ick] they’re real, I swear...
    One set of a forest-dwelling clan of conjoined triplets.

    “Better eat your vittles, or the fianychs’re gonna getcha!”

    My VW: andersil [noun ANN-dur-sill]
    One of the first hosts for OCD space aliens who snatch bodies alphabetically, based on last name.

    "eegsmboesdlsn anderson vb.luu andersil gleesxb&&&" [Translation: "Have we turned the last Anderson into an andersil? Ok, let's move on to Anderton..."]

  7. Fianych

    An excessive amount of fart produced. When you let one rip and it is an unexpectedly long.

    Man, I had the weirdest fianych ever this morning, took about two pushes to get it out!