Monday, November 17, 2008

Yesterdays Favrit wurd!

Being Irish I had to go with this favoritism of course;)

fianych [noun fee-AHN-itch] Pejorative.
A person who is half-Irish, half-Russian.

I don't know what's worse -- Aidan Chernenkovich's Irish temper, or his bleak Russian outlook on life. Such a fianych!

Thanks Becki.


  1. shcar [interjection]
    An expression of modest pride.

    Aw, shcar! I'm not sure I deserved the "Yesterdays Favrit Wurd" award, but I'm just bustin' my buttons all the same!

  2. Congrats, beckiwithani!

    regatess[Derived from Spanish](noun)A woman that bargains.

    The regatess got the best fruits for the lowest cost.

    selychin[SELL - e - chin](adj) Used to describe a salesman/woman who lies in order to sell expensive but low quality products.

    "The man in that TV advertisement is such a selychin!"

    nessemd(adj) Someone who is nessemd is stubborn and doesn't believe what others say.

    "Will she give us our ball back?""No, miss Wenworth is a complete nessemd; she doesn't believe we didn't intend to break her glass"