Monday, November 17, 2008

I can squeeze this one in at lunchtime!

I need some good ones to make me laugh...go to it!


  1. leati [noun LAY-uh-tee]
    Fans of Star Wars, esp. Luke Skywalker's twin sister.

    "No, I didn't say I was a member of the laity," said the priest, "but the LEATI! May the force be with you!"

    ("And also with you," replied the congregation...)

  2. leati [noun LAYSH]
    An expensive lead for an expensive dog.

    Princess Penelope the English Bulldog, pulled at the end of her diamond-encrusted ostrich-skin leati.

  3. leati[Le-ah-TEE] (noun)Carnivorous mammal, with grey and red fur and a long tail with black strings, from the family of the Central and South American "coatí".

    The Leati they saw at the zoo wasn't as big as they expected it to be.