Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome to Tooday

It's my birthday today so help make this extra special... why not make every definition and usage have a celebratory theem!


  1. CAT'-es-PY
    A Mother-in-Law's greeting to her son-in-law on his 39th birthday.
    "Catespy, dear d, Catespy!"

    conlana - w/o Lana
    "Oh good, exclaimed Lois Lane, a month conlana!" (Wasn't Lana Lois' rival? If not, this makes absolutely no sense!)

  2. catestsp [noun kə-TEST-əsp]
    A loud and raucous party; a memorable celebration.

    Wow, that catestsp was so incredible, my ears are still ringing!

    And my VW: snentio [noun sə-NEN-sho] A legislative session that gets out of hand.

    Did you see "Prime Minister's Questions" on CSPAN last night? The discussion got so wild -- we never get snentios that good in the U.S.

  3. This is a lot of fun....

    catestsp: [cat-TEST-es-p] n. what happens when you favorite feline knocks over your favorite houseplant.

    and my VW: turch

    how they say "torch" down south.

    It's fixin to get dark, pass me the turch.

    Sorry...lol. I used to live in Georgia...couldn't resist

  4. A catestsp is a tablespoon, it being an ebbreviation for catering teaspoon...

  5. (ebbreviation is a typo for abbreviation!!!)

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  7. Sorry, messed up my HTML tags the first time. Let's try this again.

    catestsp [noun various pronunciations]
    A mixed drink containing 3 types of juice and half a shot of vodka. Created by a bartender who wanted all patrons to [i]sound[/i] drunk, whether or not they are.

    "You're home late. Did you have a lot to drink?"
    "I know you had something. How many?"
    "What was it?"
    "One drink, my foot!"

    The necessity of re-posting did give me a fun, new VW.

    rotonaid [proper noun RO-ton-aid]
    A lemon-lime flavored liquid remedy for constipation.

    "When you have a problem with your home's plumbing, you call Roto-Rooter. Now when your personal plumbing is stopped up, just pick up a bottle of...Rotonaid! You'll be movin' along in no time!"

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, D! May the day be constipation-free!