Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The 'I just got home from work' post..feet up, word up!

Entertain me while I reelaix!


  1. ingatt [noun] A grain-sized piece of silver.

    "I wouldn't pay an ingatt for yer watered-down whiskey!" said the pirate.

  2. ingatt ING-gatt [noun] A brat, typically a child stealing something.

    "Give me back my damn lollipop, you INGATT!" screeched the old lady who was *supposedly* diabetic.


  3. ingatt [IN-gat] (adj) Someone who easily believes what others say.

    I told her I had bought a new ferrari for her and she believed me, she is such an ingatt!

    patchol [PAT-chol] (noun) Hypocritical behaviour.

    His patchol was unbelievable, during his speech I heard nothing but flattery.

  4. More bonus words!

    dectoin [DEC-toin] (noun) A special kind of coin that looks ordinary but is used by the government to control the traffic of coins.

    I discovered my lucky coin was a dectoin!

    neolonsp [NEO (prefix meaning 'new')-lonsp) (noun) New kind of fashion invented in three years time, predicted by the most famous fashion designers, that will include fluorescent colours and neon clothes.

    The readers were thrilled by the designs for future neolonsp.