Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Frozztea New England Morning!

Here's a new one to warm us up this chillee morning!


  1. istsoly [verb-adverb compound ist-SO-lee]
    A term, used mostly by speakers who are trying to sound sophisticated, meaning "it is only."

    "I am not 'grumpy,' as you so unjustly accuse," sniffed the barista-who-was-really-a-poet-philosopher. "Istsoly that I cannot any longer bear the humiliation of sharing my thoughts with such inferior minds on a daily basis."

  2. istsoly [EAST-solly] (adj) The solid (so called because of their old age) moutains at the East of Europe.

    The view of the istsolies was unbelivable!

  3. istsoly [noun IST-so-lee]
    A soy-based meat-free product that is meant to taste like Spam.

    "How exciting--with this new product, istsoly, I don't have to give up my love of processed foods to adopt a vegan lifestyle!"

  4. Oh, by the way, I put a link to this blog on the sidebar of TOWM.

    What else must I do to ingratiate myself to you enough that I WIN? [i]What else?![/i]


    My VW is [b]dropper[/b]!

  5. I'm not even going to go back and change my HTML this time. One of these days I'll remember to use < instead of [.

  6. Istsoly [noun pronounced IST-soli] - a wistful form of loneliness.

  7. Istsoly - English/Spanish word used by toddlers for the phrase: It's sunny.