Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Get Over the Hump with this Whone!

It's all downhill to Friday from this point. Let's start the countdown with this chalenge!


  1. podivas [pl.noun puh-DIE-vuhz]
    Specialty chocolates sold at erotic bakeries.

    I went shopping for my friend's bachelorette party, and couldn't decide whether to get the muscular-male-torso cake or the podivas. And then I remembered that I'm the kind of person who didn't even want cheesy games at her baby shower, and went to the regular bakery to buy canolis.

  2. podivas [plural noun PO-DEE-vuz]
    Sarcastic label given to women who expect special treatment and who like to complain.

    "Janell and Jasmine come into work 30 minutes late and then complain that the coffee is cold--AWW, what a couple of podivas!"

  3. Podivas (adj) slippery feet or footwear. I was alright going down the stairs until my shoes turned into podivas.

  4. Podivas (noun) a foot shaped container for flowers. Favored by foot doctors.

  5. podivas\pah-dee-VAS\noun :: french
    1: the mystery herb used as garnish atop nouvelle cuisine food

    The presentation of the food at the new French cuisine restaurant Le Biscuit included inventive uses of the podivas on the minimalist entrees lending a sculptural component.