Sunday, November 16, 2008

mornig aull!

Just rolled out of bed and figgered I'd get things started for today. I see some of you are already going strong!


  1. poldo [noun POL-doo]
    The inevitably helmet-headed hairstyle sported by politicians running for office.

    Have you noticed how much better Hillary Clinton's look is since she got rid of that awful poldo she was sporting during her presidential campaign?

    And my VW is baccroba [noun bak-ROE-buh] Aerobic exercises performed while under the influence of alcohol. Synonym: dionysroba
    I never knew that going to an exercise class could lead to a black eye, until I stood too close to a woman practicing baccroba.

  2. poldo [noun POLD-o] -Slang
    A police officer who does things in the old way, whether or not the officer is actually old. (This word was created by a suspect who put the word "old" in between "p.o," the abbreviation for "police officer.")

    "Man, you can't tackle the suspect just because he sneers at you," Officer Smith's partner told him. "This isn't 1970, and the Captain doesn't take well to poldos on the force."

  3. Becki--I really like both of yours.

    My VW:
    nomag [NO-mag noun]
    A farmer who moves from place to place frequently.

    Farmer Ralph is continuing his life as a nomag--as soon as he harvests the corn in Arizona, he'll head to Florida to grow some oranges.

  4. Poldo [noun POL-doh]

    A generic term for the combined unpronounceable currencies of Scandinavia and other Northern realms.

    Between Kkrrϑnals and Lϕehkks and Kruωωmples, it was easier to just call them all poldo as they were all pretty much worthless anyway!

  5. poldo [POl-doh] noun
    (derived from Spanish) a lime-green poncho worn when eating tomatoes
    Bob loves the poldo his wife gave him, but was unaware his Mexican neighbours would beat him up for violating the custom that was attached to the garment.

  6. poldo: Nickname for 'Leopoldo', 'Leopold' in English.

    Have you seen that blue T-shirt Poldo was wearing today?

    shrou:(Derived from Lucyland) (tr.v.) To throw a shower, meaning to take a shower suuuuper quickly.

    "Lucy, aren't you coming?"
    "In a minute, I have to shrou and I'll be right back"

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