Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You can't 'mis' this one!

I think this is very appropriate...what could it mean?


  1. nomer -- Anglo-French phrase meaning "We are not going to the seaside for our vacation this year."

  2. Nomer [Noun]

    A conflation of 'No More Homer' chanted under the breath by fifth form British kids when they can't take any more Homer translations.

    "Nomer, nomer, nomer, nomer!"

  3. Nomer (noun masculine; feminine form Nomess)- A person who makes names or words out of strange combinations of letters.
    See what you nomers make of this one - pingsole.

  4. Nomer - Originated in December of 2008 as a result of the economic state of that time:

    "Nomer jobs... nomer money.... nomer bailouts..."

  5. Nomer - term of affection for those who tend to be attracted to Alaskans.

  6. Nomer - That specific haircut that signifies acceptance of aging for the balding man, the opposite of a mid-life crisis, really.

    Mike finally realized that the comb-over wasn't fooling anyone anymore and opted for a nomer.