Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stick to it..or not!

I've come unglued on this one!


  1. guling (noun, s., GOO - ling) -- One raised on Gu.

  2. guling [adj.]
    Sort-of difficult.

    I thought the test would be grueling, but it was merely guling.

  3. guling [verb Goo-Ling] The extremely precarious and foolhardy action of climbing up a long twisting ice chute from the bottom.

    Mike was guling when he was struck and killed by an oncoming luge.

  4. guling [GOO-ling, verb]

    Talking smack about fellow reality TV contestants, in an interview with a producer.

    This season's America's Next Top Model contestants are particularly adept at guling. "I don't even know how these other girls got chosen," Mandy whined to the camera in last week's episode. "Regina says she's a size 2, but have you seen her thighs? Disgusting. I'm convinced her jeans are really size 4. And Matilda is so flat-chested I seriously thought she had learned to turn her head all the way around, but then I realized I was looking at the front of her, not the back! I bet the next Tyra Mail will announce that everyone except me is going home, stat."

  5. Hedgie--HA! My husband's nephew loves Gu.

    I really like Becki's and D's too!

  6. guling (goo-ling) noun

    An early childhood stage of development, indicating speech readiness.

    "I'm worried about his verbal skills," the young mother stressed. "My sister's little girl had a twelve word vocabulary by the time she was one-year-old!"

    "Every child is different," the doctor reassured her. "He has been cooing, babbling and guling. There's nothing to worry about."

  7. guling (verb)

    Actually, 'guling' is a Malay word which literally means rolling in English. You can search it on Malay-English dictionary.

    Malay: Anna ber guling di atas lantai.
    English: Anna is rolling on the floor.

  8. C. Beth you are so funny!!!!

    guling \GOO ling\ v.
    To gule...the brief and vehement reaction to yuletide festivities thrust upon us, particularly those that impose an artificial jollification on the season; this gruff, grumbly, Grinch-y and Bah Humbuggy feeling generally passes very quickly

    Every time the song "Do They Know It's Christmas" comes on the radio, Erin can be found guling angrily about how ridiculously asinine the lyrics are and how it truly doesn't represent the true spirit of the Christmas season as she switches the station in disgust.

    (This is actually a true statement about me and this just happened!!!!)
    Erin, TesoriTrovati

  9. Guling (present participle of the verb gule)- to be in the process of bowling a googly in cricket.
    Hey Umpire! He keeps guling

  10. Guling (N) (Slang)

    This comes from the slang "bling" denoting fancy jewelery, cars, etc, but specific to the gay community.

    ie. Gurl, I just picked up my new Chopard watch nobody can touch my guling.