Monday, December 15, 2008

Tell me Y I don't like Mondays? Tell me Y?

Lets start the week off on the right foot!


  1. capityp (CAP-i-tip, noun)
    Advice given on how to be a success in the U.S. capitalistic economy.

    "Today's capityp is this: Tell yourself every morning that poor people are all lazy. It makes it easier to take advantage of them."

  2. capityp ( CAP - i - tip, verb, trans., -ped, -ped) -- To tip over a capibarra; capitypping (nominative form) has been known to lead to harder forms, such as "cow tipping."

    Ex.: He capitypped the rival school's mascot and was suspended.

  3. capityp (capi-type)- Used to refer to a person who adorns a lot of hats/ caps if you please.

    He is a capityp you know, an interesting one at that. One moment he would ask lots of questions like a kid and the next moment he would come up with the most mature explanation for one of your questions!

  4. capityp (v) To raise one's hat; to put fingers to one's headgear in the good old fashiononed way - as when a man passes a lady on the street.

    They may just have been rough miners, covered in coal dust, faces obscured by years of grime and hardship, and weary from their shift but there was not a man amongst them failed to capityp as her ladyship's coach trotted past.

  5. capityup (cupeh t yup, unknown)

    A word created by George W. Bush first heard uttered by the President in England in response to Her Royal Highness The Queen's Butler who inquired, "Tea, sir?"

  6. Capityp (N)

    This is a fairly new financial font used by asset planners. When typing legitimate and completely legal interest rates and earnings, the font (not the asset planner) changes the rates to more favorable numbers.