Monday, December 15, 2008

Reecent Favrits!

They are getting better all the time!

Blogger Hedgie said...

tenesse (te - NESS, noun) -- Alternate form of tennis for the terminally couch-potatofied; it's played with no net, lightweight rackets with heads 3 feet across and a styrofoam ball with the opponents sprawled in facing recliners 4 feet apart. The first player having to get up to retrieve a ball that he has missed or misdirected beyond the field of play loses.

Charmaine said...

Tenesse (tee' Nesee)colloq.

An expression used by cattle ranchers, however only in the state of South Dakota, as an alternative to "Woa Nellie".

Jumping on the calf and quickly tying the frightened animals legs with rope, the Cowboy exclaimed, "Tenesse, settle down now little feller I'm not gonna hurt ya".

You Guys are setting the standard very high!

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  1. I thought for SURE Hedgie had me on that one. weeeee it's a tie.