Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sam's Submittal

Sam shared this one for your perusal!


  1. goictest (adjective, superlative form; GOIC test) -- One who possesses or has achieved the highest possible level of goictness (see which).

    Ex.: She is the goictest redhead I know.

  2. A diagnotic test to detect tumors of the neck region.

    In horses.

  3. goictest (adj)superlative of goict; supremely idiotic.

    Most people think of him as the village idot; he really appears the goictest chap you could come across. But actually he's quite smart.

  4. goictest [noun GO-ik-test]
    Derived from Generalized Ostensibly Identical Comedian Test - a diagnostic to determine if two blog respondents are actually the same person.

    I think I'll perform a goictest to see if Hedgie and Scriptor Senex are really one clever person masquerading as two.

  5. goictest (noun, Go Ice-t est)

    An organization founded by the rap singer Ice-t consisting of an intense 2 weekend 60 hour course the purpose of which is to determine how many additional words can be located that will rhyme with "bitch".

  6. beckwithani,

    Isn't is suspicious that Hedgie has not picture? hmmmm

  7. goictest (n.) -- An unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your perspective) malady in which one is invisible to cameras.

    Ex.: My goictest prevents my posting my image.

  8. goictest (adjective) (slang)
    [gway-tis] (the c is silent)

    slang word derived from the ancient text of Archemides meaning the best.

    ex: my favorite song is "The Goictest Love of Fall"

  9. I'm with Beckwithani: it's a test to determine the Generalized Ostensibly Identical nature of two bloggers.

  10. And excuse me Hedgie, watch what you say about redheads...(until we determine what goictest means, then it may be ok)

  11. I love Hedgie and Braja. That's all I'm sayin.