Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanks to Christy

Christy sent this one in. I think it's worthy of a definition!


  1. When somebody very shy is invited to dance and felt on the floor
    we say: "he bumstshy on the floor
    comes from the verb
    to bumstshy

    I bumstshy
    he bumstshy
    they bumstshy ( colectivity of shy dancers falling on the dance floor )


  2. bumstshy (noun. prounounced BUM-sti-SHEE)

    The "meet and greet" act that dogs will do to one another.

    "Don't worry, my dog won't hurt your dog. He just wants to bumstshy."

  3. Ha! I love Christy's own definition. It definitely evokes a specific (or is that explicit?) image to anyone who's ever owned a dog...

    Bumstshy [noun, trademarked] an extra-long toothpick, made just for holding a tall "Dagwood" sandwich together.

    I really thought I had it all, until I was looking through the Williams Sonoma catalog and found a pile of kitchen gadgets I never knew I needed ... including the Yolkomatic (electric yolk / white separator and storage device), the Slippypan (self-greasing casserole dish), and, of course, the special 12-pack of Bumstshies for only $15.99.

  4. I liked Christy's idea!

    But actually, bumstshy is an adjective to describe man who has to try to find an answer to the question 'Does my bum look big in this?'

  5. Scriptor Senex--also known as a screwedshy. :)

  6. bumstshy \BUMST shy\
    the condition of being timid in crowds, overly aware of the proximity of others in your personal space, and overcome by the experience

    Riding in a city bus always made Maryann feel very bumstshy because she detested the smell of perfect strangers which made her want to run away screaming.

  7. bumstshy, bumstshiness, n. the self-consciousness resulting from the courting ritual performed by fundamentalist Bleeshons. Bleeshons do not permit unmarried males and females to look each other in the eye, thus the courtship consists of rubbing their butts together.

    Once Bleeshons marry and see each other's faces for the first time, they must overcome their extreme bumstshiness in order to mate.