Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Big Welcome to...

Laura Jayne, C. L. DeMedeiros and Gautham Ramchandran

Lets start the weekend with this...what else would you all be doing on a Saturday morning at 6:30am?


  1. distiza [noun dis-TEEZ-ah]
    A priestess of the little-known Twirliza cult, practitioners of which twirl over and over until they fall.

    It is said the distizas can execute a full 100 turns before they succumb, but I would have to believe it to see it.

    By the way, my VW is fedubi - which, as we all know, is a priest of the rival Fediza cult, whose members roll down hills to find enlightenment.

  2. distiza - noun - (dis-teasa)

    The type of person who belittles or irritates, provokes with unkind, untrue comments about another with the intention of causing hurt feelings.

    "I wish she wouldn't say those things."

    "Don't let her get to you. She's such a distiza! She doesn't care about your feelings."

  3. distiza - noun dis-TIZ-uh

    The person, in a group, who will argue the general group's consensus on any given topic.

    They all thought the dress was gorgeous, except C.Beth, who was a classic distiza. (kidding)

    (The origin of the word comes from the Fediza cult's founder James Fedubi who tried without success to convince his fellow Twirliza's to just roll down the hill just ONE time, before he eventually left the group.0

  4. distiza - noun (dis TEEZ uh)
    a person who does not practice the art of being a "tease" during flirtatious activity.

    *i thought everything was going great on our date but that girl was a real distiza.

  5. I like the last definition : superb!!!

  6. and I have a submission:


  7. oh wait, do i have to send the photo of it in? how does this work? you'd better tell me first...