Friday, December 5, 2008

Only because it's the Weekend!

My Father-in-Law contributed this one. It has lots of potential.


  1. unphiess [noun UN-pie-ess (silent h)]
    A female officiator of a baseball game.

    "This league has gone to the dogs ... the female dogs, that is ... with all the new unphiesses they are allowing on the field!" said the debonair young catcher as he simultaneously spat tobacco juice and waved at his trophy wife in the stands.

  2. Unphiness - adjective (un-fee-ness)

    The point at which toll bridges and tollways recover their construction, maintenance or taxbase costs.

    "What are they going to do with these toll booths and gates when the Golden Gate Bridge reaches unphiness?

    "Probably relocate them to the Mexican border."

  3. unphiess \UN 'fee ess\ n.
    a person who dresses in a dowdy, bland and monochromatic manner

    Miss Giltch, the elementary school librarian, was an accomplished unphiess who wore clothes that seemed to make her blend into the books on the shelves.

    And from my seven year old daughter... :-D
    unphiess \UN fee ess\
    an unfair person who gets all the rewards when they don't deserve it

    Whenever Martha and Charlotte played checkers, Martha was an unphiess who would cheat by making her pieces kinged when Charlotte wasn't looking.

    (Yes! She actually came up with this on her own -- with very little editing on my part!)

  4. unphiess (n) person who makes unhappiness an end in itself.
    I told him about the beautiful rainbow and all he said was "I bet there was no pot of gold". He's such an unphiess.

  5. My word verification for the above was laryofec - something caught in the throat perhaps?

  6. unphiess is simply the opposite of phiess.

    She was the phiess in the relationship, he was the unphiess.