Friday, December 5, 2008

Man, it's Friday Man!

Cruse on into the weekend with this one!


  1. cruffs [plural noun]
    The ruffled ends of shirt sleeves, mostly found on 1970s tuxedo shirts.

    "Oh man," said Becki as she looked through the old photo album, "I can't believe my Dad's wedding tux had those awful cruffs on the baby-blue shirt!"

  2. From my seven year old daughter...

    cruff \kruf\ n. cruffs pl.
    a small black and white rodent shaped much like a guinea pig that lives in caves, cute and cuddly looking, they are really quite fierce

    On their hike, Susan and Catherine saw a group of fuzzy rodents peeking out of the cave. Catherine went to pick one up but Susan yelled, "Don't touch the cruffs!" just as one of them snapped at her with its three inch razor sharp teeth.

  3. cruff [noun]
    Crusts of food, typically of sandwiches and pizza, that have a particularly rough texture.

    It is well documented, scientific fact that cruffs have been the reason why toddlers cannot eat sandwiches with crusts. The texture is much to rough and proves to be quite unpleasant come potty time.