Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Morning Snooses

I couldn't resist this one..lots of potential!


  1. I think I'll get the ball rolling on this one....

    Chavolk (noun)cha-voke

    Somewhat derogatory term for people of German origin who prefer tea over beer.

    During Munich's Oktoberfest the chavolk were the object of scorn for not partaking in the national beverage and helping promote the local culture and economy to drunken American tourists

  2. chavolk [cha-voke]

    To choke on a yolk.

    During the 35th Annual Arkansas Egg Chugging Competition, Joe chavolked vehemently.


  3. Chafolk (verb)

    To complain unnecessarily.

    Darling, I realize you've had a bad day but stop chafolking already.

  4. Chafolk (slang) Alaskan in origin

    plural descriptive noun for people

    "I wanted to go outside and play with the moose, but chafolk had already scared them away"

  5. chavolk [CHA-volk, noun]
    100% natural chalk derived from avacados.

    Our all-natural chalk comes in several different varieties including chapplek (red, made from apple skins), chasqualk (yellow, made from butternut squash), and chavolk (green*, made from avacados.)

    *Chavolk turns brown overnight once package is opened.

  6. chavolk (chuh-volk)v.

    A strong aversion that causes great discomfort and can be brought on by the sight of related items, smells, or other so called triggers. Usually used in relation to polka related activities...

    Teenagers are prone to chavolk at even the sight of an accordion.

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  8. Chavolk: n. Eastern European folk dance performed in native costumes to accordion music. What makes this dance unusual is that the women toss pierogis* into the air. The men must catch them in their teeth. Any missed pierogis are stomped to a pulp on the dance floor.

    Last year, so many dancers slipped on dance floors, that the Chavolk festival has been banned in some progressive communities.

    *pierogis are ravioli-like pastas filled with mashed potatoes & cheese, sauerkraut, or other fillings


    Have you ever seen a cow dressed like Marilyn when she sang "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"? Check out amy 12/05/08 post:

  9. Chavolk - to choke on a piece of chalk!

    Also, you have been tagged! (

  10. Yours is by far the best, sweetie! I can't come up with anything better than that. It's etymological genius.