Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

One more for a snowy Friday!


  1. amism (noun, AM ism) -- A pejorative term applied to one who speaks incessantly of his or her own state of being, as "I am lucky," "I am so happy," "I am so gorgeous," "I am pleased," "I am so fortunate," etc.

    Ex.: Legal authorities have verified that amism constitutes solid grounds for justifiable homicide.

  2. amism [noun AY-EM-ism]
    The annoying condition shared by all morning people.

    "Her amism drives me crazy. She doesn't even need coffee to come in to work so perky every day."

  3. amism (awe-mism) noun

    A condition which affects anyone watching an outdoor fireworks display. The loss of speech had yet to be explained. The observant's power to verbalize is reduced to "Ahhhhh" "OOOhhhh" and "Wow."

    Once the fireworks shot up into the air, our whole family's happy chatter was reduced to group amism.

  4. Amism (n) A state of friendliness brought about among apparent strangers as a result of responding to the same blog games.
    d helps to create a good deal of amism.

  5. Amism (n)
    - Refers to a person's delayed response to jokes that turns out to be and additive to fun and humour rather than annoying.

    The host's amism to the comedian's punchline causes an uproar of laughter from the audience.

  6. AMism (N)

    phrase attributed to a Texas A&M graduate, normally used in a derogatory fashion.

    ie: "I don't like M&M's because they are too hard to peel" is an AMism