Friday, December 19, 2008

A for Effort..shouldn't that be E for Effort?

I loved this for its pure story..maybe we should limit you to one minute, Beth?

C. Beth said...

guling [GOO-ling, verb]

Talking smack about fellow reality TV contestants, in an interview with a producer.

This season's America's Next Top Model contestants are particularly adept at guling. "I don't even know how these other girls got chosen," Mandy whined to the camera in last week's episode. "Regina says she's a size 2, but have you seen her thighs? Disgusting. I'm convinced her jeans are really size 4. And Matilda is so flat-chested I seriously thought she had learned to turn her head all the way around, but then I realized I was looking at the front of her, not the back! I bet the next Tyra Mail will announce that everyone except me is going home, stat."

Very creative but I think you are watching too much reality TV!

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  1. "Too much reality TV"--

    What is this "too much" of which you speak????