Friday, December 19, 2008

The fire is so delightful!

What does it signify?


  1. emblitis [noun, med.]
    Toxicity caused by too many tattoos; named after the first known victim, who covered 98% of her skin with ink advertising goods and services.

    Mary was making good money doing advertising tattoos, but then Pepsi changed its logo for the third time in ten years, and that new tat was the straw that broke the camel's back.

  2. Oops, didn't use the word. I'm really bad at that. Obviously, Mary has emblitis.

  3. emblitis [noun, med.]
    Inflammation of the knees normally resulting in a slower than normal stride.

    Mary's emblitis caused her normal morning walk to the Post Office to take twice as long.

  4. emblitis [disgusting noun]
    Medical condition: dementia caused by strange inflation of the kidney.

    Old Mrs. Jones discovered from her creepy doctor that she had emblitis, but forgot to take her medication [duh], resulting in the accidental consumption of the family cat and the mutilation of her grandchildren (which was not so accidental).


  5. Emblitis (n) Form of memory loss that causes you to forget to put examples when you add a comment to this blog...

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  7. Emblitis (n) - a medical terminology referring to the unusual, weird excitement felt by a pregnant woman when the baby in her womb kicks or moves.

    Wella always feels so ecstatic and calls out all her neighbors to report that her baby kicks again. Her husband finds it unusual that when they visit a doctor, her wife is diagnosed of acute Emblitis.

  8. emblitis (n., em BLY tis) -- A psychomedical condition in which the victim sticks large numbers of emblem decals to the rear window of his/her vehicle. There is no known cure as there is no way to "infect" someone with good taste.