Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wake up and be Cownted!

Warm up on this icy Saturday morning by stretching those intellects and getting your creative juices flowing with this little tid-bit of a VW.


  1. ballycle (noun). I'm not sure why you used this one the meaning is surely so obvious - a bicycle with large round tyres like one of those wheelbarrows you sometimes see.
    He learned to ride a trike when he was tiny but kept falling off his ballycle when he went over the kerbs.

  2. Wow, wish I was first since that was pretty close to what I was thinking too.

    Ballycle [proper noun (bahl-ee-kuhl] 1. A bicycle-type contraption made with large balls for wheels which allow the rider to move any direction in a 180 degree range and bounce over obstacles. With more practice, a rider can jump over walls and play four square.
    New, from WHAMMO, you won't believe what you can do on the new Ballycle -- impress your friend, get away from your enemies, and have years of fun riding around town on your Ballycle!

  3. Ballycle (noun) {ball-a-cled}
    A rare branch of the flat, disk-like echinoderm of the order of Clypeateroidea. Unlike their cousins, for unknown reasons, these never flatten out, but remain spherical.

  4. ballycle [noun] A type of reinforced security cord used as an anti-theft device to attach PPWVs (People Powered Wheeled Vehicles) to stationary objects.

    "George wanted to go to the store, but he couldn't find the key to his -um- ballycle cord."

  5. ballycle \BAHL-i-kul\ n.
    the last hair left on a human head

    Clyde, convinced that no one noticed his impending baldness with the freakishly long ballycle wound neatly around his bare scalp, tucked the wispy tail end in for a perfect one hair day.

    (Here is a good one from my word verif...weezeseb!)

  6. Ballycle (BAHL-li-klee) Adjective.

    A high probability of a mishap ocurring while playing with a ball.

    The mother knew she had to watch her children closely because ballycle their toy would roll into the middle of the street.

  7. I spent a weekend in Ballycle. Somewhere between Nova Scotia and Carlyle.

    smstre is my word verification

    sounds like sinister, but I don't think it is, somehow

    Tolkien would have loved this game, the inverse of his own (what is bird in Sindarin?).