Friday, November 21, 2008

Showt Out to CJ, Miss Ash & Scriptor Senex!

Welcome! Hope you Have Fun! (and Scriptor Senex, I love that Name! Very Asimovian.)

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  1. I'm sorry, D, but I'v just realised I didn't post the comment on your bday because I was in my 'Techonoly' class and they told us to go to break. However, I saved what I had written, forgive me if any word is repeated, I don't remember if I've already posted any of these... = S

    HAPPY BDAY, DEAR D! And thanks for creating this blog, it rocks!

    catestsp [Being catest from a word and sp from another one; CATEST-sp] (noun) Contraction of "Catest" and "Spanish". A special test given in middle-school to test Spanish.

    "Have you already taken your catestsp?" "No, I'm in Elementary school".

    And here are some bonus definitions for your bday!

    menati [MEN-ah-tee] (noun) An African hip-moving type of dance.

    They were thrilled by the joy showed by the Africans when dancing the menati.

    dysterm [dis-TERN] (noun) A new Japanese electronic devise that regulates or disables temperature.

    The oven's temperature was easily regulated by the new dysterm we bought.

    gymnisti [gym-NEES-tee] (noun) The science of gymnistics.

    Sarah told me she wanted to study the history of gymnisti.

    billume [BILL-um] (noun) A new, pink and blue coloured type of flower.

    Mary was cultivating some billumes in her garden.

    chies [CHIS] (noun singular: chy) Special seeds for geen tomatoes.

    He spread the chies all aroun the garden.

    velesse [ve-LESS] (noun derived from French) A very beautiful little girl or young woman.

    Sitting at the audience, Roberto looked at the runway and, seeing a young model, exclaimed "velesse!"