Friday, November 21, 2008

Becki Blocks Beth's Bid!

Congratulations Becki! What kind of mind goes behind creating such a scenario...

ophydest [noun OFF-i-dest] anatomical.

An abnormal growth, once removed.

I thought it was merely interesting when I found out that Gary once had a third nipple, but was pretty weirded out when I found out he kept the ophydest in a jar of formaldehyde on his mantel.


  1. Oh, man, I'd be more jealous if I wasn't in such a good mood from the lovely alliteration in the post title. I'm forsed (V.W.) to bow to Becki's comic greatness.

  2. This is definitely one to be kept for posterity. If you ever do a list of all-time greats this must be on it. well done, Becki.

  3. Congrats, Becki! (again... =) )

    bonus words:

    subset [It is an actual word] (adj) Something that is set in the subconscious part of the mind.

    I don't now where my procrastination comes from, it must be subset!

    rencish (noun) A relly small net to fish little fishes.

    The fishermen had lost their rencishes so they had to fish bigger fishes.

    pirfi (Derived from Spanish) Slang for 'please'.

    Would you lend me some money, mom? Pirfi?

  4. Aww, thanks! :) I was pretty darn proud of that one.

    And now,
    confiled [verb,p.t.]
    Used one another, esp. sexually.

    Everyone is saying Senator Wilkins' mistress is such a victim, but I personally think they confiled one another.

  5. kesters
    Term used primarily by tweens and preteen girls to refer to friends who are as close as sisters. To become kesters, two girls stand several steps away from each other, facing opposite directions; then they back up until they bump their rumps together.

    Madison and Alexis giggled as they bumped their kiesters and exclaimed, "We're kesters--forever! LYLAK!"

  6. ingbin A container holding a not-quite random variety of objects....

    My ingbin holds a stocking, shoes (running and walking but not tennis), a ring, more bling, and a CD by Sting.

  7. Ha, ha, ha...

    ingst A sense of discomfort and anxiety.
    When I look at my ingbin, sometimes I am overcome with ingst.