Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rubee Tuesday!

Sorry this is so late..crazy days at work!

Yesterdays Definition Diva is Christy with a very topical,


A statement made, usually by a presidential candidate, that indicates support for a particular topic but does not bind the candidate to any action.

He stated that the issue impacted both "the traditional family and the non-traditional family" and there were many who believed that this acree, somehow meant he would uphold gay marriage.


Very special mention to Hans who played up to my Irishness and showed a good understanding of the Irish language with his definition of Acree,

Dialectal for acreen, Irish diminutive for acre. Hence spelt acree' with apostrophy:

Och, I do't have any real acres o' my farm. Only a wee acree'.

Welcome Hans. Hope you have fun!

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