Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Munday!

Can we agree on what Acree means?


  1. I'm not sure what acree means yet, but here's another:

    compati [com-PAT-ee, plura noun (slang)]
    Slang for online friends

    "Who's this Freda87 you're always talking about?"
    "Oh, she's just one of my compati, a 21-year-old rich, beautiful girl."
    "In other words, a 45-year-old guy who sits in front of the computer all day."

  2. Acree (adj.) meaning bitter, especially used of drinks (usually but not exclusively alcoholic). You may recall that famous Mark Twain quotation - Love is an acree well from which you may drink often but fall in but once.

  3. acree [Derived from Spanish] (adj) Used to describe smells, meaning horrible or nasty.

    The acree smell on the room after the body was taken out send shivers up my spine.

    Sorry, not very imaginative today...

  4. Gosh...I visit all the time but just can't think of anything. Maybe I should try in the mornings when I'm not so tired. Acreed?

  5. Acree

    A statement made, usually by a presidential candidate, that indicates support for a particular topic but does not bind the candidate to any action.

    He stated that the issue impacted both "the traditional family and the non-traditional family" and there were many who believed that this acree, somehow meant he would uphold gay marriage.

  6. Acree?

    Dialectal for acreen, Irish diminutive for acre. Hence spelt acree' with apostrophy:

    Och, I do't have any real acres o' my farm. Only a wee acree'.

  7. acree /uh-kree/n.
    diminutive home of a gnome or other garden creature

    As we stepped into the shady glen we noticed a small structure appearing to rise from the knotted roots of the oak tree sheltering a small pointed hat gnome. We realized that the dotted mushroom roof shingles hid the acree from view of those who did not believe in these garden dwellers.

  8. I would just like to know what script you used to get the reaction's checklist in your posts. I've going around in circles for a week and still can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated! I can be reached at

    Thank you!!!

  9. Beth,

    I loved Compati but I decided no more nepotism for at least a day or so!

  10. Michelle,

    Go to Customize, Edit Blog Post, check the Reaction box and edit as you please.

    I hope that is what you are looking for?