Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feer not your word is heer!

If you don't like this one feal frea to find another!


  1. firdra: the dandruff of a Christmas tree

    "Can you lift your legs up please? I have to vaccuum all the firdra that fell off during the night!"

  2. I always try to think of my answer before looking at other people's. I saw there was only one comment so I thought I was in the clear with my idea but hey presto - Christmas tree droppings. So all I can do is say Jenners should be the winner!

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  4. My v.w.:
    revis [REV-eez plural noun]
    Short (7-word or less) reviews of plays, books, movies, music, etc.

    Revis of the Day:
    24: Redeption (television movie):
    Jack's back, action-packed. Torture, too--ugh.
    Where's the Poop? (children's potty training book):
    Cute book; too bad it DIDN'T WORK.

  5. fir-dra (adjective)

    An expression of extended distance.

    "I don't want to go to Safeway! It's firdra than Wal-Mart and I don't want to drive that far."

    "Aren't we there yet? You said we were close and it's still firdra done the road!"

  6. W.V.:
    atednda (ate-dn-da)-Verb

    A manner of consumption.

    "He swallowed a hamburger, gulped the soda and then atednda the pizza."

  7. firdra [FEER-druh, noun]
    Magic dust sprinkled on frightened children.

    Oh, sweetie, no need to be afraid--mommy's sprinkling firdra on you!

  8. firdra [noun FEER-dra]
    A tendril of hair escaping at the nape of the neck.

    He loved it when she wore her hair up, and just one little firdra would hang down, drawing his eye to her neck.

    I guess I'm feeling romantic today.

    And to kill the romance, here's my VW: undic.

    I think I'll leave that one alone...