Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkeve!

Take this one and Stuff it!


  1. bisceree (noun) The crumbs from a biscuit. Usually used to describe the debris of an attempt to eat a very crumbly biscuit while balancing a cup of tea on your knee in posh company.

    He smiled self-consciously as he tried to hide the biscaree spilling from his lap onto the Persian rug.

  2. bisceree (noun) - the merriment of broke people, mostly in an exclusive gathering.

    Wife: Where have you been?Something wrong?
    Man: My jaw sores and my belly aches from laughing too much at a bisceree we had at the park.
    Wife: Did you bring something for dinner?
    Man: Honey, there were no food.

  3. biscere (noun), pl bisceree. Piece of clothing wore just above the anckle to keep it warm.

    My aunt brought me a lovely pair of bsiceree from Asia.

  4. bisceree [noun BI-scree]
    An incomprehensible tirade that jumps from opinion to contradictory opinion.

    One of the best biscerees of the election came during an interview with Katie Couric, during which the candidate attempted to address the economic crisis by losing herself down several meandering paths.