Sunday, January 18, 2009

What the..?

They've been too easy about a vowelless wonder..insert evil laughter here...! Extra points for creativity in pronunciation!


  1. xjdqs [pl. noun SHID-əks]
    Eyeball-removal tools used by the nearly-extinct Xjxjq tribe of Outer Mongolia, in the sacred rabbit-sacrifice ritual of Xjqu.

    "This is actually similar to the Western ritual of bouquet-throwing," noted the anthropologist as he watched all of the young Xjxjq women waiting, xjdqs in hand, in hopes that they would catch the snow-white rabbit and win the right to remove and eat its eyes.

  2. xjdqs (n., pl,, ZHID !z where ! represents the alveolar "click" common in such languages as that of the Kalahari bushmen) -- Term referring to braided nosehairs, items of intense sexual attraction amongst the Kbgxzr (KUBJ !zr) tribe of the Westsouthwestern Kalahari.

    Ex.: Look at the xjdqs on him (or her, depending upon sex)!

  3. xjdqs- acronym

    a typical acronym used in the work office situation.

    Xerox Jamed- Don't Queue Scanner

    i dunno, i don't work in an office.

  4. xjdqs (n., eks-hood-cuss )

    an excellent swear word used by thugs

    He got to be leader of the gang because he always had a xjdqs to throw back at the opposition leaving them speechless with his wit.

  5. xjdqs (n) (JID-queues) Lengthy lists found in the Journal of Intellectual Disabilities.

    "Did you see the xjdqs about poor response times to quizzes?"

  6. Scottish abreviation for "extra jaded quilts" on sale.

  7. xjdqs (jewerly symbol) This is the internationally accepted abbreviation (ish) term for a letter Q heavily covered in oriental jade - to the level of 'bling' status.

    [Jaded "Q" in excess]

  8. xjdqs (n. zee-yod-kus or zyod-kus) Traditional Norwegian garment worn by babies on formal occasions.