Friday, January 16, 2009

Pedant. Pedant. Pedantpedantpedantpedant, Pedant!

What in fact is the only right definition for this?


  1. sofactic (adj., so FAK tik) -- A response to a question that is heavily laden with unnecessary factual information.

    Ex.: When I asked Matilda if she liked lasagna, she responded with a sofactic answer that included a virtually complete history of her encounters and relationship with Italian cuisine. A simple "No" would have sufficed.

  2. sofactic (n) One whose only area of activity is using the remote control while lazing on the sofa. (syn. couch-potato).
    "I would never have married him if I'd known what a sofactic he was."

  3. sofactic [ adj., SO fak tik) - an effusive response

    " It is SOfactic you are all here today to celebrate my birfday " said Marvin clapping his hands with glee.

  4. sofactic [adj., SO fak tik) - Inexplicably missing

    There were two socks when I switched the dryer on - now one is sofactic

    (cf. 'down the back of the sofa')

  5. sofactic [noun SOFF-ak-tik]
    A contraction of "soft tactic," used to describe underhanded political dealings that are not terribly reprehensible.

    I thought that the blogosphere got way too upset when that Senatorial candidate released the embarrassing video of her opponent dancing the Funky Chicken ... it was just a sofactic; I've seen much dirtier campaigns.