Thursday, January 15, 2009

No more Bridges to Nowhere?

It's all Congress can afford these days...less pork barrel, more like pork pint!


  1. allywhi [noun, obsolete]
    A 1920s term for an opium dealer.

    "Let's go mug some scallawags and allywhies, Bugsy!"

  2. Allywhi (Southern Slang)
    Alley way

    This is yet another well-known (to Southerners) phonetically spelled term.

    ie: Lurlene, did you park the truck in the alleywhi or on the lawn next to the outside potty?

  3. Allywhi (n) A colloquial term for a three year old child.
    Allywhi (v) A colloquial term for constantly asking nagging questions.

    "I am so glad you are home. I've been driven up the wall today. Ginny has done nothing but allywhi all day long."

  4. Allywhi
    Alley wee [noun]

    Term for puddles left behind when the geriatric bowlers go home.

    " Go get the mop and bucket there is a allywhi on lane one "

  5. Allywhi-allergic to anything white.