Sunday, January 11, 2009

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This one might tie you up for a while.


  1. boundu - (n., West African, bo OON du) -- A sauce made from fermented fish heads and maize, traditionally served on roasted plantains during the the annual Plantain Festival, particularly among the Igbo and Yoruba peoples of Nigeria.

  2. I can't beat Hedgie for imagination but actually boundu simply means a boundary line, wall, marker or hedge the ownership of which is amicably shared and maintained.

    "Hi Georgie, is it my turn to cut the boundu hedge or yours?"

  3. boundu [BOON-doo]
    A religion that encourages believers to complete four bou bou sessions a day. In a bou bou session, the participant puts his or her body in one of several contorted positions, allows all four limbs to fall asleep, and then commences meditation.

    I became a boundu believer when I realized one of my daily bou bous would be in the middle of an extra-boring geology class, allowing me to opt out of half of the class each day.

  4. boundu:(BOUN-doo)

    A giant souffle (sp?) that can also double as a trampoline.

  5. boundu (sanskrit)

    This is a not so well known sect of hindu that is practiced by ghosts.

  6. Wow, there are some great ones today! I like the giant souffle....

  7. Boundo [noun- bow-un-doo]

    A special tool for undoing those difficult holiday gift bows. Also used for undoing bows knotted in hair and silk bow-ties which have become knotted so tight they can't be undone by hand.

  8. Boundo [noun- Bow-un-doo]

    Meteorological term for the type of cloud which passes in front of the sun and wipes out the source of light for post storm rainbows.

    "I had almost reached the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold when a boundo passed in front of the sun and spoiled my chances"

  9. Boundo [noun- boon-doo]

    The wild lavish party thrown by corporate execs to celebrate the awarding of bonuses at years end.

    "The bonuses were so great the boundo was held in Tahiti over a week long period with all expenses paid"

  10. Boundo [ proper noun B.O- un- doo]
    Is an exciting new medicated body wash recently launched onto the market that is guaranteed to eradicate even the harshest body odor.

    'If they hold their noses and say phew it is time to use B.O undo !'

  11. Boundu - a very chic hairstyle in which you french braid your hair and then put lots of different colored ribbons in between the braids.

  12. Boundo (bownd-oooo) is a type of fondue.

    Boundo sounds a little scarey to me. I mean, maybe it's made of the kind of cheese that binds you up a bit. I know, I know; they say it's ever so tasty. Is it worth the flavor? Forgive me but I'll stay closer to the melted chocolate and strawberries, here at the desert counter.