Monday, January 12, 2009

Cozy Toesies!

This will warm you up on a cold winter's night!


  1. toxies [noun, slang]
    What trophy wives in the 'burbs call their non-surgical, injectable beauty treatments.

    "Darlin', kin ahh please have a $3,000 advance on next week's allowance? Ahh wanna git mah toxies before your big work shindig so you kin impress yer boss with the beautifulness of yer wife."

  2. Toxies (plural of toxy, noun) A toxy is a medication with known side effects which the recipient considers worth taking nontheless.

    "I won't be able to drive you to the shops this afternoon: it will be just after I've taken my toxies so I'll have to lie down for a while."

  3. Toxies (n., pl., brand name) -- snack food made from left-over chemical wastes.

    Ex.: "Eat Toxies and help clean up the environment."

  4. Toxies [n. pl of toxi]

    This ox drawn form of public transport is said to be taking over the major cities of the world as the price of oil skyrockets.

    'You can see where the toxies park by the pile of ***** left on the sidewalk '

  5. Toxies - a list of items that have toxic chemicals in them.

  6. Toxies(n., pl., Toxy)

    A Toxy is a known intoxicated person after imbibing in several drinks.

    "Omg! Did you see that group of toxies walking down the street"?

  7. Loved this site. I'm leaving now to invite my friends over!

  8. Let's say that toxies are completely harmless things that people always claim to be toxic.