Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Are YOU talkin' to ME?

Let's not fight over the right meaning for this one!


  1. rowsive (adj., RO sive) -- Inducing the act of rowing.

    Ex.: Finding himself alone in the lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific, Igvold took up the oars and, calculating roughly the position of Tahiti, became rowsive.

  2. rowsive (adj. RO-sive) Disproportionately well muscled in the upper body. (Initially thought to to have been applied to Phoenician slaves on the galleys.)

    He's not that handsome - for a atart he's too rowsive.

  3. Rowsive - a kind of rough cursive used by doctors that no one else can understand

  4. Rowsive-Sitting in a pew (row) in church and listening attentively to the pastor or priest.

  5. Rowsive- (n.) the deeply thoughtful state of mind originating from rhythmic, repetitive motions (originally rowing specifically--originates from the Vikings), often peaceful
    (adj.) the state of being rowsive, sometimes can indicate a calm or content outward appearance

  6. Rowsive ( n. r-ow-siv)

    a form of music piped throughout shopping malls in the holiday season to subliminally arouse a sense of good will

    The rowsive is responsible for my impulse buying that lead to a huge credit card blow out over Christmas.

    January 21, 2009 7:32 PM

  7. Rowsive (adj. r-OW-siv) a state of being aroused, a more dramatic state of the physical, mental, or emotional

    Ex: The man was rowsive after the steamy argument and was flushed red.


    I had a rowsive heart after hearing the beautiful opera piece.