Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two for Twoday!

Sorry I missed yesterday..busy at work, getting home late, lazy!

Here are two new ones to make up for it!

Have Fun!


  1. whemb (noun) -- The immature offspring of a whale and a sheep; generally found confusedly wandering about beachy areas trying to decide which way to go, inland or out to sea.

    Ex.: Watch out or that whemb will spout and/or shed on you.

    upiprous (adjective) -- Term of approbation applied to one capable of being a Pip.

    Ex.: Gladys Knight referred to him as "upiprous Eddie."

  2. whemb, adj. super bummed out.

    After his team lost the final playoff game, Calvin felt totally whemb.

    upiprous, adj. unconsciously uppity

    Cheryl was so upiprous that she didn't understand why her sister was angry when she refused to ride in her sister's car, simply because it was smaller and older than her own Mercedes Benz.

  3. I don't think I can even approach the genius of Hedgie's answer. But anyway...

    whemb [noun W(H)EM]
    A portmanteau word combining whelp and limb,used to describe an adolescent mammal who has not yet grown into his/her arms and legs.

    upiprous [adj. UP-ip-rus]
    Excessively bouncy.

    "Take a deep breath, you upripous whembs!" instructed the 7th-grade teacher as her students entered the classroom, coltlike arms and legs flailing. "You're going to have to control yourselves during today's test!"

  4. whemb \wemb\v.
    the strange involuntary sensation one has at a rock concert to wave their arms in the air in time to the beat of a stadium ballad

    Every time I hear the killer ballad "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" on the radio I have an urge to drop whatever I am doing and whemb to the beat.

    And my vw...

    shast \shasst\ n.
    the pole support the basketball hoop

    Shaq ran head on into the shast trying to save the ball from going out of bounds.

    Enjoy the day!

  5. CJ-
    I have to say that whemb is totally what my own son named Calvin would feel when losing a game! Well done!


  6. upiprous \yu PIP rous\adj.
    describes a person who is stuck up

    Blair upiprously walked down the hall with her nose in the air as if she lived in a bubble expecting the sea of students to part as she passed.