Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesdays with Moree Word Fun!

Stic with it and find the hidden meanings of this VW!


  1. sticsana [STICKS-ah-nuh, noun]
    Feel-good cultural elements from "out in the boondocks" in the USA. (Americana for those living in the sticks.)

    The county fair was a celebration of sticsana, with fun underage drinking games andr cow-tipping contests.

  2. sticsana [noun, pronounced STICKS-ah-nuh]

    The mysterious combination of dust, hair and yuck that adheres to articles of clothing that have been left under a teenager's bed for an extended period of time.

    "Mom - I found my pink sweater under my bed but it is covered in sticsana! What takes out sticsana?"

  3. Sticsana - This is actually two words - stic sana and is part of the Latin tag - Stic sana in corpore sano (A good glue keeps the business healthy).

    Stic sana in corpore sano is the motto of the Bostik company.

  4. sticsana (stik-say-nay) [noun]

    The placard carried in conventions to express a negative vote in group voting. Antonym - sticsaya.

    "Richard, put up that sticsana! Our group doesn't support that motion!"

  5. Sticsana (stiks-ah-nya)(noun)

    A condition or state created by members of the male population which commonly results in the creation of static electricity.

    Honey, I've told you a hundred times to use the Bounce Fabric Softener. Now we've got sticsana...AGAIN.

  6. I don't have one for sticsana, but here's the VW I just got:

    shuff [noun]
    One step, taken without completely lifting one's feet off the ground.

    Molly was shocked ... literally ... when, after one shuff on the dry winter carpet, she touched the doorknob.

  7. Sticsana [noun] (pronounced "sticks-ona")

    An honest brand name for a really cheap Teflon frying pan.