Monday, December 1, 2008

Bloo Monday's Bloo Plate Special!

Got the blues after the long weekend? Cheer up with a creative definishun of....


  1. Guite (noun)
    pronunciation (gweet, like sweet)

    The hotel room specially reserved for newly wed Italian- American couples containing a heart shaped bed, lots of velvet, gold trimming and mirrors.

    Origin - a mash up word from Suite and Guido first coined by a bouncer at the pool of the 'La Dolce Vitae' Hotal and Adult Entertainment Spa, Revere, MA.

  2. guite [adj., adv. GWITE]
    Missing the mark; nearly-there (but not quite).

    "This test is not guite passsing-quality," said the teacher, "because your five-paragraph essay has only three paragraphs."

    My VW:
    nockedd [irregular past tense form of nock; proununced NOCK-d-d, with a rapid flapping of the tongue at the end]

    nock [transitive verb]
    To timidly rap on a door.

    The urchin nockedd at Scrooge's door, his empty stomach guite overcoming his terror.

  3. Silly me. My sentence for guite should read,

    "This test is guite passing-quality," said the teacher, "because your five-paragraph essay has only three paragraphs.

    My original sentence guite used the word correctly.

  4. guite [GITE, noun]
    A kite designed to be flown by a guy.

    "Dude, seriously, stop showing me Hello Kitty and Disney Princess kites. For the last time, I want a guite!"

  5. guite (noun, pronounced gite)

    A condition characterized by a vague aching of the joints and a general feeling of malaise. Usually suffered by older leprachauns on a rainy day.

    Aye, this weather has me guite acting up a wee bit. Twill be tough to find me pot o' gold.

  6. Guite - adj. (just shows how confusing English pronuciation is because it doesn't sound like quite but suite). Guite is a derogatory term meaning something or someone is twee, old fashioned, old hat, out of date, or very uncool.
    "Have you seen the scarf that bloke is wearing - how guite is that?"

  7. Guite (noun): a type of cloth used to polish silver objects.

    Her stepmother was shouting: "Cinderella! Take this guite and start working right now!"

  8. guite, n. m.
    mot portmanteau pour gite sur une route guidé

    "Les auberges sur le chemin de St Jacques forment un réseau de guites."

  9. Guite (verb): The act of bumping, puncturing or otherwise inflicting damage.

    In pulling her VW Beetle out of the garage, Mrs. Peabody guited the neighbours Mercedes SUV with a thud whereupon she called her attorney (her sister) who unexpectedly advised, "Don't leave a note, make a run for it!"

    Just so you know, Mrs. Peabody did not listen to her sister. She is an upstanding American. She left a note.

  10. guite \gee-TAY\ n.
    the screws holding the strings on a Celtic harp

    Skillfully working her way out from middle "C", Dierdre quickly tuned the strings of her harp by twisting the guite just so producing dulcet tones in the process.