Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A snack for Chewsday!

I hope you have con-FUN-li with this on!


  1. confunli [noun con-FUN-lee]
    A word that is inadvertently used incorrectly, often to humorous effect. (Syn: malapropism)

    I couldn't help but chuckle when one of my 7th grade boys with poor spelling skills, filling out a reflection about how he is doing in my science class, wrote that his weakest area academically is his "testes ... because I have trouble doing well with them."

    True story!

  2. OH - didn't use the word! Well, obviously, using the word "testes" instead of "tests" is a prime example of a confunli!

  3. confunli [adjective]
    Describes an event that one finds enjoyable, even while one is being taken advantage of.

    Yeah, I know I'll never actually win three card monte, but what can I say? I gotta play; it's confunli!

  4. con funli (noun)

    Italian pasta in fun shapes.

    When I go to Olive Garden for the endless pasta dish, I normally order the chicken con funli.

  5. confunli - verb. Meaning to be stumped; out of ideas.

    I was trying to think of a definition but I was totally confunlied.

  6. confunli [noun, cahn FUN lee]

    The state of being simultaneously confused and happy.

    The confunli was apparent on her face as she emptied her stocking on Christmas morning to find a shiny car key; she began to understand the gift as her husband opened the window blinds to reveal the new Lexus in the driveway.

  7. Confunli, n. hysterical laughter experienced after one discovers s/he has been conned with a practical joke.

    Maria roared with confunli after she realized the smashed cake on the floor was not the real wedding cake to be served at her reception.

  8. Confunli (noun) Cah fun lee

    Chinese actor widely known to have kicked Bruce Lee's butt on any number of occassions however sadly, these events were never filmed. Died in 1947 in complete obscurity despite being a vastly superior Kung Fu fighter.

    Bambi look over there, seated at the bar, is that Bruce Lee?

    No, silly, everyone knows Bruce Lee doesn't drink, that's Confunli.

    Maybe we should call him a cab. He doesn't look so good.

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  10. confunli (n., pl.) -- The long-suppressed sayings of Confucius written when he was high on rice wine; unlike his publicly-acknowledged works, these reveal him as a real party-loving guy really hot for the chicks. Unfortunately, any even marginal sense of propriety prevents their translation.

    Ex.: I quoted one of the confunli to her, and she gave me a black eye.

  11. Confunli - Co-nuffin-lee

    When a group of teenagers gets together usually at a mall and does nothing but hang out together acting really cool.

    Stacey, Ashely and Ashely were very busy confunli in front of the Gap so the boys would notice.