Monday, December 22, 2008

Skip to the Loo my Darling!

Nice one Scriptor Senex..

Scriptor Senex said...

Lating (v) Consuming large amounts of milky coffee at the end of the evening.

With all that lating you'll be up and down to the loo all night and quite unable to sleep!

And one more for you all to try...just for good mesure.

Have FUN!


  1. mestin (noun, British) -- Small metallic container for little messes; miniature version of the full-scale dustbin (see which).

  2. Mary spoke so fast that hse almost used to mix two words.So once when she was complainign of messy tin can, all we heard was "mestin" can !!

    so don't you dare play with mestin !! :D

  3. Mestin (n) A small, usdually cheap, metal cup with a lid for keeping tea hot in the officer's mess.
    He's so posh he even has his crest on his mestin.