Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pimp my Ride!

Check out my new Toyota 'Vanci'. It's got all the bells and whistles! Not bad for a Mini-Van. Very Fancy, my Vanci!


  1. vanci [adj. VAHN-see]
    Ze vord zat ZhaZha uses ven she sinks a gahment is gorgeous, dahling.

  2. Oops, forgot to do a sentence.

    "Eva, Zat dress eez so vanci, I vould haf to buy a whole new wig to go wis it!"

  3. beet me to the punch. Zat vas an axcellent job.

    Vanci [Latin phrase]
    Forgotten ending to Julius Ceasar's dispatch to the Senate.

    IE: "Vēnī, vīdī, vīcī, Vancī"
    Translated: I came, I saw, I conquered, I vogue'd.

  4. van-ci (verb): searching for a common SUV model in large parking lots - "does any vanci our Explorer?"

  5. Vanci (exc.) An exclamation mesaning how unusual.
    "Vanci that, I'm feeling totally uninspired today!"

  6. I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Diamante that is in dying need to be pimped it got car jacked and the back is wrecked my trunk is locked down with a cord then my husband was driving one morning and had a accident on the highway so now the front is messed up this car has all the bells and whistles, oh the handles are broke on the inside in the back and the windsheild is cracked from the wreck and now to top it off my window on the drivers side will not stay up so it is being held up with clothes hangers I need my car to be pimped very bad you can reach me at I'm ashamed to drive sharee but she needs to be pimped very! very! very! BAD! my 13 yr old is ashamed to ride in it now. how do I enter pimp my ride?