Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Hypo Typo!

I 'aitch' when I make mistakes like this!


  1. thypo (collective n., THIGH po) -- Poetry about thighs.

    Ex.: Deirdre found Harold's thypo irresistible in the extreme. Especially when it was about hers. Lucky Harold.

  2. thy-po (verb)-- the art of stuffing cellulite into too skinny of blue jeans as practiced by American middle-aged females.

  3. thypo /THIGH po/n. slang term among the cellulite-free, nip-and-tuck obsessed for the procedure to surgically remove the cellulite from the thigh region.

    "Oh. My. God. Can you believe that Jessica looked so jiggly in her bikini in Hawaii? She needs some thypo help pronto!"

  4. thypo [noun, obs. thy-PO]
    Slang Elizabethan contraction meaning "your buttocks"

    Few people know of Shakespeare's once-lost 155th sonnet, which begins, "My dear, thypo is round and lovely so."
    (You have to read it with an iambic rhythm.)

  5. @beckwithani, I love it! Can't top that!