Friday, February 6, 2009

Where does this road go to?

Which road? Tar no see!

Have fun on your word travels!


  1. tarnoc - noun: This is the darkest part of the night, when the nocturnal skies are dark as tar.

    ie. I was out for a walk in the tarnoc and an almost got ran over by a car

  2. tarnoc (n., TARN ock) -- An eye (ocular) projecting out of a tarn, generally an indication of the presence of some loathsome amphibious creature with stalked eyes and also that you have just found yourself in the midst of an Edgar Allan Poe story.

  3. Tarnoc (n) A slang term for a pond or lake that is no deeper than a puddle. (Derived from the Cumbrian term tarn meaning a small lake).
    "Don't be a wimp! Walk across it it - it's only a tarnoc; you won't drown!"